Agriculture Spray Drone

The Ch-10 has an improved overall structure with modular design and supports the highest payload and widest spray width ever in a Charbidar agricultural drone. With powerful hardware, an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the Ch-10 brings operation efficiency to a whole new level

ROV Robot

Our Charbidar Launch & Recovery Systems combines the best from our A-Frames, winches and software into complete, reliable and easy to operate, systems.Our systems operate above and below the waterline on vessels all over the world: On research, cable laying, construction or dive support vessels.

3D Printer Fillament Extruder

Full Automatic, Easy Operation&Stable Reliable Continuous Manufacture Performance. 3D Printing Plastic Filament Extrusion Line Manufacturer From China, Inquiry Now. Personnel Training. Professional Manufacturer. Design and Manufacture. Installation Service.

Charbidar Health Kiosk

Medical kiosks are computerized, electronic kiosks. … Other, more advanced kiosks can perform basic diagnostic tests on patients.

 Charbidar Water Pump Controller

you can turn on or off your electronic Water pump with your phone via sms ,WIFI and internet